Collage with film camera and yellow beam of light

Collage with film camera and yellow beam of light

BaseCamp in Losone A hub that young artists can use as a base for visiting the Locarno Film Festival and making their ideas a reality.

By supporting BaseCamp, an initiative for younger generations, Swiss Post and the Locarno Film Festival are gearing their actions towards the future. BaseCamp was born out of the idea of bringing together young people from all over the world and establishing a base from which they could visit the Locarno Film Festival.

Culture is close to our hearts! That is why Swiss Post supports both the Locarno Film Festival and BaseCamp, directly benefiting young artists. From this year onwards, Swiss Post will be a main partner of BaseCamp.

Woman in yellow dress against canvas in the open air
BaseCamp not only provides accommodation, but also represents a starting point for exploring the world of the Locarno Film Festival.

200 aspiring 18- to 30-year-old artists from all over the world and from different fields of art will live at BaseCamp in Losone for the 11 days of the festival. They were selected in advance and are each preparing an art project. During the festival, they will be able to showcase their talent, share their ideas, create synergies and launch new projects. BaseCamp is also accessible to external persons.

The Circle is Open

BaseCamp is taking place for the fourth time this year. This year’s motto is “The Circle is Open”. The selection procedure for the artists has been complete since 31 May 2023.

The aim of the fourth edition of BaseCamp is to allow the selected artists to invent new creative dimensions, new formats, new forms of expression and new artistic approaches.

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